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Exhibition - The moon behind the clouds. The aesthetics of Japanese tea culture

Hendrik Schüne is a ceramic artist who was introduced on a Video '' The Moon behind Clouds'' you can find on our musubu.net. menu page / Musubu Channel. His work will be on display at the Volkerkunde Museum in Herrenfoot, Saxony, Germany, where his Atelier is located, between July 3 and February 2022. A special exhibition entitled ''Der Mond hinter den Wolken'' will be organized around the theme of Japanese tea ceremony culture. We are honored that a video produced by the musubu team will be shown during the exhibition!The state of Saxony has a long history of Meissen ceramics and has a very deep connection with Japan in terms of traditional craft culture.for more details about the Exhibition, here is...


Sasa Dango

Einen Tag vor dem Kindertag in Japan (5.Mai) dieses Jahres haben meine Tochter und ich Sasadango gemacht.