Yurameki - music & performance improvisation

YURAMEKI - the act of moving back and forth Sound Painting Improvisation Sound

Thomas Zimmermann (Shakuhachi / Objects) Haruka Sasaki: Sumi-e Painting Two artists are inspiring each other and they create a space of sound and movement. - Painting becomes Sound - Sound becomes Movement - Their movements merge to a common vibration cause and effect are one. this imponderable way of moment is tangible in the sublimity of presence. Art performance - improvisation

Biography Thomas Zimmermann - improviser - nomad with roots in south Germany "improvising for me, is a way of searching the spiritual sources of sound .... and communication" www.thomaszimmermann.org Haruka Sasaki a Japanese artist based In Berlin, Germany. Haruka's Sumi-e painting is a based on Japanese traditional style of Suibokuga art, and her movements shaking the air to tributing to the spirits of the sound and the space. www.harukasasaki.com