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Woody Hoofer is a real, surreal, animated Monkey character. His dream is to meet up with Mickey Mouse and dance together at Disney Land. Until that day comes true, woody has been practicing so hard so that he can deserve his creation at Walt Disney's dream park, and to tell his message to the '' Small World ''. He is seeking Kids and Adults Talent to be an ensemble to realize a dream production, would you like to be there with woody ? so then join us !     Well, performing at DIsney is not easy and there must be too much regulation for just protecting company's images, and especially woody is coming from completely different background, even woody...

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Yurameki - music & performance improvisation

YURAMEKI - the act of moving back and forth Sound Painting Improvisation Sound Thomas Zimmermann (Shakuhachi / Objects) Haruka Sasaki: Sumi-e Painting Two artists are inspiring each other and they create a space of sound and movement. - Painting becomes Sound - Sound becomes Movement - Their movements merge to a common vibration cause and effect are one. this imponderable way of moment is tangible in the sublimity of presence. Art performance - improvisation Biography Thomas Zimmermann - improviser - nomad with roots in south Germany "improvising for me, is a way of searching the spiritual sources of sound .... and communication" Haruka Sasaki a Japanese artist based In Berlin, Germany. Haruka's Sumi-e painting is a based on Japanese...

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